Don't Let Taxes Intimidate You

Leave tax preparation to our experts in Hamilton, MT

Tax season can be intimidating for everyone, but working with a trusted accountant can make this process easier. The Davis Group will take care of your tax preparation work in Hamilton, MT. Our experts handle returns efficiently and keep clients informed on how much they owe and if they can expect money back.

Call 406-363-2225 now if you're interested in our tax accounting services.

What to expect from our team

Are you ready to work with our team? During your initial tax preparation consultation, we'll:

  • Let you know what information we'll need you to provide
  • Set up an appointment to go over your information with you
  • Arrange for you to drop off your information if you can't meet
We'll need old information and documents like your past year's returns, your 1099s or W-2 and other tax documents. Once we have your information, we'll organize it, determine what needs to be done and let you know what to expect from your return. Reach out to us now about our tax accounting services.