We are actively seeking staff members to join our energetic group.

We need to find that special person.  Our goal is to entice you to want to work here so bad that you’d crawl across broken glass to join our group.

Our office is a fantastic place to work.  We are a full time CPA office with a current staff of 4.  To most people, that would dredge up images of us working long hours, preparing all kinds of tax returns, doing bookkeeping and payroll services, and engaging in a lot of business consulting.  We do all that.  And we do it very well.  But working here entails a whole lot more.  Our work philosophy centers on family first.  So, for example, if you have a child that has a baseball game today at 3 p.m.,  you had better be at that game…or you are in trouble!  Nobody will care 20 years from now, how many returns you’ve prepared or how many phone calls you returned.  But your kid will remember that you weren’t there for the game!

Next, we are an informal office. We laugh a LOT.  We enjoy each other’s company.  We have a great relationship with our clients and treat them as if they’re family, because the ARE!  We wouldn’t be here without them.  We even treat EACH OTHER like family. You will be surprised by my staff (they are strong, independent thinking, caring people who take their job seriously).  You will enjoy working with them. Hopefully, you will learn a LOT from them and they will learn a LOT from you.

During tax season, we have been know to have a massage therapist give the whole staff a massage.  Of course, the office pays for that.

During tax season, it isn’t uncommon to have a pizza (or some other detectible that we may be craving) delivered.  In fact, that is kind of a regular occurrence.  We work long hours.  Taking some time for us is essential.

THE LAUNDRY LIST (scary stuff)

So, I’ve given you a feel for what it’s like to work here, hopefully, some of you are starting to get your interest piqued (or maybe you know someone who would be perfect for us).  Now it’s time to give you the laundry list…in a non-laundry-list fashion, of course!

The person we are looking for will be, first and foremost, a genuine “people person”.  All of the other qualifications combined are not as important as this one.  Next, this person will enjoy meeting and, eventually, getting to know our clients… and I don’t just mean their names!


First, we are looking for someone who has a lot of experience in the tax world.  Someone who feels confident reviewing and preparing tax returns (from simple 1040’s to complex business entities?.  Someone who takes pride in their work but does not take themselves too seriously.  Someone who can find their way around the tax code and never-ending changes that come our way.  This person is very detail oriented but also can step back and see the big picture.  Someone who LOVES THE HUNT.

Second, we are looking for that bookkeeping type individual.  There seems to be many businesses that have a desire to enjoy what they do, and leave the tedious paperwork to someone else.  We are being asked frequently to act as the “office” for these businesses.  Experience with perpetration of financial statements, payroll, QuickBooks and Microsoft Office (especially Word & Excel) would be really nice (but not a deal breaker). 

Okay…I could probably go on and on and on…but, hopefully, you are getting the picture.  Remember, I have only ONE goal for this ad.  I want to spark the right person (whether that’s you or a friend of yours) to respond NOW.  We want this person as soon as possible.


These positions will require some flexibility.  It MAY NOT be a full-time position.  It WILL be full time (and maybe plus some) during tax season (January through mid-April and again from September through mid-October) and possibly drop off the remainder of the year.  We are open to consider anything.


This person might be someone who just wants a change of pace or who is looking for a little more flexibility in their professional life.  For us, the main thing is how well they get along with the group.  That’s number ONE here.

If you are NOT this person, but know somebody who is (or might be), please do us a BIG favor and pass this along to them.  Maybe YOU will be instrumental in finding us the right person!


Okay, hopefully I enticed some people to respond.  If that’s the case, you’ll need to know what to do.

First, prepare a simple resume.  It doesn’t need to be pretty, cool, flashy, bizarre or anything like that.  The simpler the better.  If you want to attach one or tow referral letters, please do…but it won’t hurt you if you don’t.

Second, take a single sheet of paper and put your name, address and phone number at the top in the middle.  Then, tell us something about yourself….or why you want this job, or what makes you unique…honestly, all we want form this is a “peek” into your personality.  If you hand write it, that’s okay, but it should be very legible.  Be simple, real and direct in what you write.

Third, preferably we would like you to bring the resume and sheet of paper to Beth at the office.  Other ways…E-mail it to her at office@davisgrouppllc.com, snail-mail it, whatever.

This is a great community with great people.  We are very lucky to be living here.  I just know that the right person is out there and we are looking forward to meeting you.

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